It’s always about stories and storytelling…

Even though I may abandon it for long periods of time, I always return to storytelling.

QUINTESSENTIAL MADISON is going to be my vehicle for sharing stories about Madison, Wisconsin — its people, places, and history. I also want it to serve as motivation for turning off my computer and going out to do the kind of interviewing and reporting I enjoy.

Rather than wait to go public with QUINTESSENTIAL MADISON until I’ve written a batch of new stories, I’m launching it with a collection of stories from SOMETHING ELSE TO DO, a blog I started in 2006 to showcase some of my writing. After several years, other projects demanded my time and attention and I neglected SOMETHING ELSE TO DO. I was also growing disaffected with the Blogger platform.

Now that I’m experienced and agile in WordPress — having created sites for myself and several clients — I’m gradually moving my Blogger content to this new platform. Importing the content and comments is quick and easy. Reformatting photographs and updating broken links isn’t difficult, but it has been time-consuming; so for the time being, I’m only using a few of the SOMETHING ELSE TO DO STORIES HERE. Others will follow, but my primary goal right now is to write some new stories.

NOTE: In order to avoid having duplicate content cluttering up the Internet, I’ve shuttered the doors of SOMETHING ELSE TO DO: Its contents can no longer be accessed.

-Nadine Goff